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The Senior Citizens’ Firm – We Protect Seniors!

These service were created to help some of society’s most vulnerable people in the most affordable and effective way. We began as a pro bono service in 2015 and have transformed into a socially-conscious, affordable, and powerful legal and medical service for senior citizens.

Life’s daily challenges affect seniors even harder that the rest of us, in general, due to their age and health. Daily chores can be exhausting, and in today’s digital world, can be daunting and frustrating. Adding the stress of financial, legal, and health concerns to an already challenging world can be overwhleming for a senior citizen (and for us all).

We are here to help in an affordable way.

See our Legal Services for Seniors and Medical Service Concierge pages for the kinds of issues and problems we handle.

Senior citizens are targets for scams; this is not only because of their inherent vulnerabilities and financial inability to defend themselves, but also because of the growing size of this demographic. These elements combined make them a perfect target for scams by the lowest people in our society, and even overseas.

If you have become a victim of elder fraud or if you are being bullied by someone trying to get money from you, call us today. Services are available in New York State.

If you have a chronic disease or a new illness, call us to use our Medical Service Concierge services. We can handle the daily administrative annoyances so that you can rest and focus on your health- not on the stresses of the medical service industry. Services are available in all eastern standard time states.