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Community & Country – Public Service

All Americans have the duty to serve their respective communities and their country. Whether it is advocating for children in need, protecting seniors, advising veterans, preserving land, aiding the infirmed, providing legal aid to those in financial distress, or pitching-in on any other cause, I do my part. My family has a great heritage of the same. Pictured below are my brave aunt and uncle, army veterans, who enlisted in the United States Army during WWII to aid our nation in its fight against the evil Axis Powers that threatened peace, decency and security at home and around the world. My uncle fought for the Allies on the front lines in North Africa under the great General George S. Patton. My uncle was captured by the Axis Powers, but escaped from prison and walked for over 4 days through the unforgiving North African desert until he was rescued.




Those who are willing to sacrifice and give to country or community are necessary elements of a strong, prosperous, and democratic nation.

Start your own family heritage of service to community or country by serving causes greater than your own self interests.