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Trademark Licensing

Trademark licensing
has many advantages to a licensor. A licensor can maximize the return on brand equity by finding licensees who already have distribution outlets in certain product categories and with certain retailers, while the licensor has the brand equity the licensee needs. Neil Siskind has worked with licensors who own national brands as well as with celebrity personalities to evaluate the options available to leverage a trademark or name through licensing.  A licensor needs to thoroughly evaluate a licensee so as to protect the value of a trademark from poor marketing and sales methods.

Trademark licensing is also advantageous to a licensee. A licensee can instantly add brand value to its product mix after years of investment by a licensor. A licensee may have a distribution channel that can instantly lead the licensee to profit from a well-recognized brand. As long as a license is affordable and financially sensible, trademark licensing can be a great option for a business. On the other hand, if upfront fees and excessive royalty rates are called for, it could be a terrible idea.

Neil Siskind helps licensors and licensees to determine the best options related to brands and to evaluate who the best licensing partners are, and helps to structure deals that are fair, sensible, and profitable. Neil has handled numerous license agreements across different categories of products and under a variety of scenarios, with the goals of maximizing brand value and leveraging distribution channels.

Call Neil Siskind today to discuss your brand or a brand that is of interest to you. Neil has extensive licensing knowledge, has counseled businesses on hundreds of brand licensing transactions, and will review your options and ideas and provide you with invaluable insight into your potential licensing opportunities.

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