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Commercial Litigation

You may have received a lawsuit for breach of contract or for monies owed on a payment obligation. You may be an alleged debtor. Maybe you have received a letter claiming breach of monies owed, but have not, yet, been sued.

It can be preferable to settle a situation before litigation is necessary. This can be beneficial for both sides.

We do our best to find points of compromise or legal defenses to a claim of breach or allegation of monies owed. Then, if litigation becomes necessary, we already have most of the work done through a thorough and diligent negotiation effort. The defendant then just has to then answer a complaint with their existing defense(s), accordingly, and possibly add a counterclaim, if applicable.

So, litigation can be more of a culmination of a negotiation than a new process unto itself if the legal research and a solid review of the facts during the attempt to settle are complete. If a pre-lawsuit settlement can’t happen on the facts and/or law(s), then filing answers and making counterclaims can efficiently follow.