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We Buy Debts, Receivables, and Judgments


If you prefer to, immediately, sell a past due debt, trade receivable, or judgment that has arisen from a business transaction, rather than have us attempt to make a collection first, due to your time constraints or the need or wish to gain immediate liquidity, or if you have already attempted to collect on your own and have been unable to get payment, we, or our clients, may buy the obligation.


Neil SIskind


We, or our clients, will buy:

Trade Receivables: Payments due to your business for goods or services delivered or tendered to a customer or client. We buy invoices for payments coming due, or already overdue, where your business has performed as required.

Debts: Overdue payments for a good or service provided, or for a loan made. We will consider buying secured or unsecured debt, and performing or non-performing debt.

Judgments: If you have obtained a judgment in a New York court related to delivery of a good, or service, or loan where you have not been paid as required, we will consider buying the judgment.

In order to review the accuracy and value of the obligation, we will need signed documents, emails, history of attempts to get paid, and records you have about the debtor/payee and any efforts your business has made to obtain payment. We will need proof of the transaction and of your performance as required.

We will perform due diligence on the transaction and on the party that is alleged to owe the payment and will make an offer to you, the creditor, based on the facts, face value, estimated cost of collection, and the risk.

Call or email today to discuss the sale of your receivable, debt, or judgment.