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Debt Attorney - Neil Siskind, Esq.



Practice Areas

Debt Law:
-Debt Defense: Negotiation, Restructuring, & Reduction (for Businesses)
-Buying and Selling Debts, Loans, & Judgments
-Business/Commercial Debt Collection

Debt Solutions – for Debt Problems™

Product Transactions:
-Trademark License Agreements (for Licensors & Licensees)
-Product Distribution Agreements (for Manufacturers & Distributors)
-Business Contracts

Neil Siskind is the author of The Complete Guide To The Ways To Manufacture & Sell Your Products©.


General Counsel: The Siskind Group, New York, NY



Debt Defense: Management, Planning, and Reduction for Businesses


You Only Pay a Legal Fee if Your Debt is Reduced or Removed


Debts arise out of business transactions, loans, and contracts. The Siskind Law Firm has counseled clients on and negotiated all sorts of agreements, and has handled re-negotiations of agreements of all kinds over Neil Siskind’s 25-plus year career. We have handled business debt distress and have helped companies resolve financial and operational conflicts and crises on every level. Our fees are contingent on our successful reduction or restructuring of business debts or obligations, or on the exposing and removal of fraudulent claims of money owed*. Put 25 years of negotiations, operations, and business law experience in your corner.

-Business Debt
-Advanced Debt Planning to Avoid Legal Problems
-Lawsuit Judgment Debt
-Debt from Fraud
-Business Debt and Liability Restructuring
-Discharged Debt
-Expired Debt
-Buying and Selling Debts and Obligations**

We use a variety of tools and laws to resolve debt and financial problems arising from transactions, contracts, frauds, and overreaches, including: collection laws; contract laws; credit laws; civil fraud laws; criminal laws; industry specific laws and regulations; company-specific policies; commercial experience; financial insights; financial analyses; reviews of victim’s records and accounts; understanding of lawsuit procedures; and facts specific to the case.

Charges of third parties – such as overnight mail services and filing fees- are to be approved and paid by client.

** Representation in buying or selling debts and obligations is billed on an hourly fee basis.

***Contingent legal fees assume that no litigation occurs. 



Buying and Selling Debts, Loans, & Judgments

Debts (including judgments) and obligations (including loans) can be bought and sold in the free market just like any other right or asset. Sellers have to receive payment and be released from obligations upon sale. They have to be certain of their right to transfer the debt, loan, or judgment, without restriction. They have to deliver the documents that prove the debt or loan and that fully transfer the rights to the buyer/investor. Buyers/investors have to conduct due diligence to ascertain the rights they are getting for their money and understand the level of risk they are undertaking.

We can help with negotiations, risk assessments, due diligence, purchase, sale, and assignment documents, and with ensuring that our client gets what is necessary to effectively transfer or acquire an obligation.

Lagal fees for these services are billed hourly.

Put 25 years of negotiations, operations, and business law experience across a multitude of industries in your corner to defend against, sell rights to, or invest in debts and obligations.


Business or Commercial Debts: Debts Owed from Business Matters


Partnership Disputes

When do business partnerships go awry?

When economies turn down, or when partners steal, or when success goes to the partners’ heads.

In other words- there are many ways for partnerships to head south.

Sometimes there are written partnership/operating agreements- many times there aren’t.

In either case, the partners may point fingers at eachother about who owes what to whom.

A lawyer or lawyers can get involved in two ways: To settle the matter and dissolve the relationship; or to file and/or answer a lawsuit.

If you have a problem with a partner involving money- one partner alleged to be owing money to another- we may be able to work it out, possibly and preferably without litgation.

If you are the one who is owed money, if there is potential to get it resolved without litgation, you will only pay a legal fee if we get you the money that is allegedly owed.

If your business partner is looking for you to re-pay money wrongly taken, if you have a true defense, and we can resolve it or settle it without litigation, you only pay a legal fee if the matter is settled to your satisfaction and as we agree upon your retaining our services, and where litigation is avoided.


Payment Breaches in Commercial Transactions

We collect business debts from a breach in a business transaction on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if we collect what is owed, or only on the portion of the debt that we are able to secure, where litigation is avoided.

Sometimes, business disputes over money can be settled amicably and/or with compromise before the effort and cost of litigation becomes necessary. We can use whatever we, together, determine to be the best approach to a given situation.

Call us if you’d like to discuss a situation where you are owed money that was loaned by you or that was agreed to be paid under a contract for services or for the sale of products to another company or arising out of a partnership dispute to see how we can help obtain the monies owed from your business transaction, with or without litigation.



Business Law: Trademark Licensing and Product Distribution

Product-based businesses need an attorney who understands the market risks, Intellectual Property protection issues, distribution chain challenges, and enormous risk-investments of their clients. Providing effective trademark licensing counsel requires an understanding of brand equity, manufacturing processes, royalty structures, payment terms, distribution channels, and advertising obligations and standards, among other things. Providing good product distribution counsel requires a solid background working with manufacturers and retailers, and understanding those logistics and practices.

Neil Siskind is an attorney who has experience in all of the above gained in law firm and in-house counsel positions and can walk you through your analysis in licensing or distribution transactions so as to minimize risk and maximize results with well-structured deals.





NEIL S. SISKIND, ESQ., President

-President, The Siskind Law Firm, PLLC
-Founder, The Fatherhood Assignment™
-Conservator, The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve (2010-2020)
-Founder, National Fatherhood Day™

Neil Siskind is the author of The Complete Guide To The Ways To Manufacture & Sell Your Products©

Neil Siskind is an experienced contracts negotiator, including in the areas of licensing, distribution, and debt restructuring who has worked in Manhattan’s most reputable law firms and as in-house counsel for a global manufacturing, licensing, and distribution organization. Over the course of the past 25 years, Neil Siskind has handled trademark licenses for licensors and licensees, distribution agreements for manufacturers and wholesalers, and contract negotiations for all sorts of businesses across a multitude of industries, including with respect to their debts, loans, business structures, and general operations.


Neil Siskind is the Founder & Chairman of The Fatherhood Assignment
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Neil Siskind is the Conservator of the Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve (2010-2020)

The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve is over 6 acres of environmentally-pristine waterfront land in a magnificent setting along New York’s majestic Hudson River. The Preserve includes a variety of species of animal and plant life, and is a precious example of the thoughtful maintenance of New York’s priceless open spaces. The land’s uses are limited to outdoor recreation such as hiking and climbing, and the study of ecology, nature and land use. The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve allows for the intelligent contemplation of our valuable natural resources and the most effective ways to maximize them and keep them protected.

Neil Siskind’s Government Work:

  • Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Boston, MA, 1994, Intern
  • Office of Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Newington, CT, 1992, Intern
  • Hartford County Department of Probation, Hartford, CT, 1991, Intern

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Neil Siskind’s Complete Guide to the Ways to Manufacture & Sell Your Products©

Neil Siskind’s Complete Guide to the Ways to Manufacture & Sell Your Products©