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Business Debt Collections (Commercial Debt Collections)

If you are owed money out of a business transaction, then our collection services may be what you need.

Any lawyer can file a lawsuit to either pressure a party to pay or get a judgment. Any lawyer can do that for you. What I do is use my business and legal background across various industries and gained through hundreds of commercial situations to strategize a way for your company to get paid. Filing a lawsuit does not get you paid. But a good strategy can get you paid.

A “business debt”, or a “commericial debt”, or “trade debt” is any debt from a transaction for goods or services that are “not” for consumer use; consumer use would be a debt related primarily to personal, family, or household purposes; for example, credit card debt, car loans, lawn care, home contractor, and medical bills.

A business debt arises from a breach. Where one party provides a product or service that the other party has agreed to pay for but fails to pay for, that is a breach. This includes one party agreeing to pay back a loan, but fails to make payments.

A “business debt” (or “commercial debt” or “trade debt”) collection action can result from:

1.    A written contract or agreement between two parties, where a payment term is not met following delivery of a good or service, with no defense for such; or
2.    a verbal agreement (or oral contract) for a service to a business or for a business purpose that is performed, but for which payment is not made; or
3.    a sale of goods for use in a business, without a formal, written agreement, for which payment is not made and a quid pro quo promise or formed contract can be proven, including by showing acceptance of goods; or
4.    a purchase order – which is a legal contract- for a good or service for a business use, where there is no payment made, with no defense thereto; or
5.    a loan made to a person or company for the borrower’s business purpose where there is a payment default, with no defense; or
6.    a factored and sold receivable, with a past due payment.

We collect business debts from breaches of business agreements on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if we collect what is owed, if litigation is avoided, or only on the portion of the debt that we are able to secure.

Call us if you’d like to discuss a situation where you are owed money that was loaned by you, or that was agreed to be paid under a contract for services or for the sale of products to another company, or arising out of a partnership dispute to see how we can help obtain the monies owed from your business transaction.