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Business Debt Collections

If you are owed money out of a business transaction (known as a breach of contract or default of loan) (a business transaction debt is any debt from a transaction for goods or services that are “not” for consumer use; consumer use would be a debt related primarily to personal, family, or household purposes; for example, credit card debt, car loans, lawn care, home contractor, and medical bills), then our collection services may be what you need.

We collect business debts from a breach of a business purpose agreement (written or oral) on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that we only get paid if we collect what is owed, or only on the portion of the debt that we are able to secure.
Sometimes, business disputes over money can be settled amicably and/or with compromise before the effort and cost of litigation becomes necessary. We can use whatever we, together, determine to be the best approach to a given situation.

Litigation services (filing of lawsuits) upon client request following unsuccessful, non-litigious collection attempts can be handled on an hourly-fee basis, if the case is accepted.

Call us if you’d like to discuss a situation where you are owed money that was loaned by you or that was agreed to be paid under a contract for services or for the sale of products to another company or arising out of a partnership dispute to see how we can help obtain the monies owed from your business transaction, with or without litigation.