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Business Contracts

Good business contracts are the cornerstones of good relationships. The important value of a good and clear contract, other than being legally binding, is that it memorializes what the parties intend- which gives everyone a roadmap for the relationship.

Before you start doing a significant amount of business with a counter-party, call The Siskind Law Firm to ensure that the intentions of the parties are clear and that you have an agreement that clearly explains how the business transaction is supposed to proceed.

The Siskind Law Firm has handled operating agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, agency agreements, leases, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, sales contracts, and a variety of other contracts and agreements, and advised on related litigations.

Call The Siskind Law Firm today to get an experienced review of your situation and opportunity. Having an experienced attorney negotiate and review your contract can make the difference between a vague transaction with misunderstandings and a clear path to success.





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