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A comparison of The Siskind Law Firm with other debt defense firms

We fight for the everyday, average consumer against the complexities, power, uncooperativeness, and misleadings of corporations.

We fight “bills and demands for payment” before they become lawsuits. Legal fees are contingent on success.

  1. -Other firms defend against lawsuits on an a hourly fee basis.
  2. -Other firms sue debt collectors for violating state laws- and, often, charge clients on a contingency fee basis.
  3. -Other firms charge an hourly or flat fee for legal actions, such as to unfreeze bank accounts or reverse wage garnishments.
  4. The Siskind Law Firm: We Fight “Bills”: We defend against bills and demands for payments in amounts of at least $1,500.00 that are improper for a variety of reasons* on a contingency fee basis– meaning you only pay if the debt is reduced or removed. We are the only firm I know of that provides this service.** We will negotiate bills and demands using backgrounds, facts, laws, and strategies “before” you are sued. We fight bills before they get too far and become lawsuits requiring a an hourly-fee litigation- or before a lawsuit and judgment get filed, at which point fees are billed hourly if clients pursue a lawsuit defense.


Clients only pay if we get bills or demands reduced or removed.

We start the fight as soon as the improper bill, demand, or letter is received or improper payment demand is made on you or your business.

As soon as you or your business receives improper bills or demands in an amount of at least $1,500.00, contact us to discuss the facts and possible defenses. 









*Reasons a debt is improper may include fraud, theft, improper billing, mistake, mistake in identity, expired statute of limitation, breach, overreaching, oppressive terms, violations of federal laws or state laws.

** This is true to the best of our knowledge. If you can find such other law firm that works on this basis, please let us know. We do not believe that one exists. But please do your research if this topic and certainty about this is of interest to you.