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Debt From Identity Theft & Fraud

Identity Theft

Identity theft can occur in a number of ways- unfortunately. Even before the Internet, ID theft was a big problem. People steal identities for a variety of reasons: To make purchases, open accounts, get benefits, avoid capture, steal money.

Online ID theft is not difficult for a criminal mind to commit. We all have to take regular precautions to protect ourselves- and most people do not have the time or knowledge to do this.

ID theft’s criminal aspects require law enforcement’s help to resolve. But there are civil and procedural remedies that are also available for losses or damages- thought this does not mean that a person will be able to get compensated.

How can we help?:

First, we can work with you to properly prepare your facts to contact law enforcement and to try to get a response and a reaction to the crime. Second, we can pursue the culprits and those that allowed this to occur with civil demands (of course, this could be very hard or impossible- especially if they are overseas). Third, we can seek return of funds from any source that wrongly delivered goods or money to the thief (like a bank or retailer), who used your identity to get those goods or loans.

This is all a process. You need to know the laws, your rights, what’s insured, what role law enforcement plays, collection of your evidence, and how to deal with those who allowed your ID to be, wrongly, used.

If we take the case, we will define the services to be provided, and legal fees would be contingent on Debt Resolution*. For false or fraudulent debts that are not owed, at all, there would be a flat legal fee contingent on settling the matter, without litigation.


If an alleged creditor is demanding or seeking money from you for a purchase or loan which either is not real or was incurred without your knowledge, or if you have been misled by a product or service vendor or business associate, we can review the situation to get the alleged debt settled due to apparent faud.

Our legal fee is contingent on a removal of the fraudulent charge(s) and would be a flat fee, if no litigation is required.



*We do not handle car loan defaults or credit card debt (unless the collection action is by a debt buyer and not the original company).
*If we take the case with the goal of reducing the amount of an obligation, you will be required to place our legal fee in our attorney escrow account, to be paid to this firm upon a resolved debt. If no written agreement of resolution is achieved, the legal fee is returned to client.

*Debt Resolution = A written agreement signed by a creditor or counterparty in accordance with the attorney-client engagement letter’s definition of “Debt Resolution”, even if clients fails to accept or pay the settlement amount or terms that he or she requests this firm to secure.

*If litigation is eventually pursued, it would be on an hourly-fee basis.
*Individual case facts will cause different case outcomes.