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Debts, Claims, & Harm from Fraud or Theft – Financial Remediation


Debt Attorney, New York


You Only Pay a Legal Fee if Your Debt is Reduced or Removed


There are three potential remedies for victims of fraud and theft: Criminal (prosecution), civil (litigation), financial (remediation). Think about Bernie Madoff- he was arrested (prosecution) and sued (litigation)- but victims still suffered, financially, for years, or forever, from the fraud and theft. So, attempts at “financial remediation” can be the most important remedy following fraud or theft. All three remedies should be pursued.

Litigation can, eventually, maybe, be helpful to get compensated, “if” culprits can be located- and have money to pay a judgment. But a victim has to try to, rapidly, find the thieves or fraudsters- if possible, and find the funds- if possible, and protect personal or business finances and credit. Even an arrest or a lawsuit won’t settle problems with third-parties, such as improper debts incurred in a victim’s name, contracts illegally signed by fraudsters in the victim’s name, or credit problems for the victim resulting from the fraud or theft. It all has to be remediated, fast, regardless of arrests or future lawsuits.

We use a variety of tools and laws in the financial remediation process following fraud or theft to identify culprits, resolve claims and debts, pursue return of money or property, cancel illegal contracts, and help to repair negative credit information. The tools and laws we access for victims include: collection laws; credit laws; contract laws; civil fraud laws; criminal laws; industry specific laws and regulations; company-specific policies; commercial experience; financial skills; financial analyses; reviews of victim’s records and accounts; knowledge of legal procedures; and the facts specific to a respective case.

How can we help?:

1. We can conduct an investigation into: Changes in your assets or accounts; who had access; who used access; whom they engaged and provided false information to; and attempt to locate where they are now. Law enforcement conducts its own criminal investigation and we can share our information with the authorities, as needed.

2. We can pursue the culprits for return or reimbursement of money by asserting known facts and applicable laws (of course, this could be very hard, or impossible- especially if they are overseas).

3. We can seek reimbursement of funds from any source that wrongly delivered your goods or money to the thief (like a bank or retailer) who used your identity to get those goods or loans. We will use laws, regulations, and their respective company policies to establish your rights (litigation may be necessary, which will be discussed at such time- litigation would be on an hourly fee basis. We will try to resolve the matter without litigation, if possible).

4. We can get illegal debts and contract obligations cancelled and work with you to get your credit repaired.


This is all a process. You need to know the laws, your rights, what’s insured, how to fight illegal debt, what role law enforcement plays, proper collection of your evidence, and how to deal with those who allowed your ID to be, wrongly, used.

If we take the case, we will define the services to be provided, and legal fees would be contingent on Debt Resolution* (e.g., return or reimbursement of monies stolen and/or having illegal debts and obligations cancelled, without litigation).

Call us to see if our financial remediation service can help put your legal and financial life back together following fraud or theft. Our fees are contingent on recovery of monies or reduction or removal of debts and claims.