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Debt Consultation & Negotiation

You Only Pay a Legal Fee if Your Debt is Reduced or Removed


Debt Solutions- for Debt Problems.

-Complete Debt Management, Debt Planning, Debt Reduction, & Debt Cancellation Legal Services
Financial Remediation Following Fraud or Theft
Sales and Acquisitions of Debts, Loans, and Judgments


We fight for the everyday, average consumer against the complexities, power, uncooperativeness, and misleadings of corporations.

We can go through all of your company or personal debts and liabilities and set a plan of action how to attempt to get some or all of them reduced or get extended payment terms, or both, from creditors and counterparties.

Get ahead of payments coming due, or settle matters before they escalate to lawsuits.

With certain debts where creditors report to credit reporting agencies, your credit could be getting damaged even without a lawsuit being filed.



Nothing strains the plans of a creditor more than an educated debtor. It forces a creditor to ensure that his or her facts, applicable law(s), collection procedures, and documents are all in-line before pursuing monies owed or before retaining an attorney, who may come-up short if any element is not as required to win a case.

If someone is owed money- they deserve to get paid. But there are requirements- or pre-conditions- to collecting monies owed to ensure that the payment obligation is legitimate.

Here are a variety of things that a creditor must consider if they want to collect monies from an educated business or consumer debtor or counterparty:

-There must be a valid obligation.

-A product or service received must have been delivered or provided as promised.

-A healthcare charge must be in good faith and within federal law.

-A collection process must be honest and abide by state and federal laws.

-There could be legitimate defenses to the charge.

-There could be legitimate defenses to a claim, such as the creditor’s own breach of contract.

-The debtor may have his or her own claims against the creditor.

-The debtor may be a victim of identity theft.

-The debtor may be a victim of fraud.

If a creditor is not properly prepared, he/she/it could run into challenges. So, a debtor or contract counterparty needs to be educated on his or her rights and the laws, and how it applies to the particular facts, and see how any leverage can be used to defend against, or limit, or lessen a claim.

If you have received a notice or claim of monies owed, or know you have payments coming due, let us review it so that you learn of any rights you may have. Perhaps those rights don’t mean that you don’t have to pay; they may just provide you with leverage to negotiate a lesser amount, or a longer payment term, or both.

There is no charge unless we take the case, and then we are only paid if we reduce what you owe (or get a longer term to pay).


Buying and Selling Debts, Loans, & Judgments– 

Secured debts, unsecured debts, performing loans, non-performing loans, and judgments, and all rights thereunder can be sold and transferred by the creditor or lender to monetize the obligation and recover, in full, or more usually, in part, an investment of money or of other consideration proffered in exchange for the monies due, or a portion of monies recovered in a lawsuit. We can help with negotiations, risk assessments, due diligence, purchase, sale, and assignment documents, and with ensuring that our client gets what is necessary to effectively transfer or acquire an obligation.

*legal fees for this service are on an hourly basis


Learn more about our debt-related legal services here.



We do not handle car loan defaults or credit card debt unless:
i. The collection action is by a debt buyer and not the original company (i.e,  a charge-off), or
ii. the credit card issuer has agreed to negotiate the amount owed.

-If we take the case with the goal of reducing the amount of an obligation, you will be required to place our legal fee in our attorney escrow account to be delivered to us upon a counterparty/creditor written and signed agreement of Debt Resolution. If there is no Debt Resolution, the legal fee will be returned to client.

*Debt Resolution = An agreement by a creditor or counterparty to settle the obligation on terms requested by client (once a debt or obligation is resolved as requested by client, legal fee is due, even if client fails to make the agreed settlement payments).

-Charges of third parties – such as overnight mail services and filing fees- are to be approved and paid by client.

*If litigation is eventually pursued, as agreed by all parties, it would be on an hourly-fee basis.

*Individual case facts will cause different case outcomes.

-Images on this webpage are actors used to portray clients. Actual clients’ identities and confidentialities are always protected.

-If we are retained by you, we will deal with collection agencies and collection laws.