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Debt Aid – Flat Fee – $250.00**
Pro minus enim program for: New Yorkers who are Single Moms- 250.00 Flat Fee**

As part of The Siskind Law Firm’s heritage of providing pro bono legal counsel and fairly priced legal programs to benefit the most challenged and vulnerable citizens of New York (see:, and, we have launched our “Debt Aid” service for New York’s Single Mothers.


We recognize the financial burdens and the impractical legal costs for certain individuals in retaining an attorney to help deal with creditors and debt collectors. But having an attorney on your side to deal with a debt collection action or debt-related lawsuit levels the playing field, ensures that the debt is legitimate, makes sure that debtors are not unduly or illegally harassed, ensures that creditors follow proper legal procedures, and protects debtors from paying more money to creditors than necessary.

In the goal of helping this segment of New Yorkers, we offer a flat $250.00 fee Debt Aid service to debtors where we:
– Respond to collector or attorney letters and phone calls
– Advise on how to handle a lawsuit complaint served upon you
– Negotiate with creditors on your behalf
– Review facts of the alleged debt to ensure there was really a debt
– Uncover facts that may make the debt improper or not collectable
– Ensure that proper collection practices are being followed
– Attempt to settle the debt for a mutually agreeable amount
– Get a proper written settlement agreement

The flat fee for our Debt Aid services is $250.00. There are no additional legal fees or charges (except for any overnight and certified mailings at clients’ requests). Services and fees are subject to a written agreement between this firm and the respective client.

We can try to help you if you have received:
– A collection letter
– A collection phone call
– A summons and complaint, or
– Notice of a judgment against you for a debt

We do not work with credit card companies or banks. We will work with certain other companies claiming monies you owe, and with collection agencies and law firms that have contacted you to collect specific debts.

We work with businesses, creditor’s attorneys or collection agencies to settle claims for an amount that you, the client, determines is acceptable.

Due to the large volume of inquiries for this program, please allow up to 24 hours to receive a response.

Note: If your wages have already been garnished, or your bank account has been frozen or levied, our Debt Aid program may not be proper for you.

*Due to time limitations and the large numbers of inquiries we receive for debt collection and debt lawsuit aid, we will only be accepting 10 new clients per month for this service.
**Services provided and terms of services are subject to a service engagement letter agreement between this law firm and the specific client.
***Single moms must have a one-person income and receive no alimony.

Email us today at to learn about our flat $250.00 fee “Debt Aid”services for New York Veterans and Single Mothers.