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NEIL SISKIND – Product Distribution

Businesses that distribute products require experienced counsel who understand all of the distribution chain logistics and can be a trusted source of knowledge. Neil S. Siskind is an experienced product distribution lawyer who has handled transactions in a variety of product categories and in different transactional structures. Neil Siskind has negotiated distribution transactions for manufacturers and distributors of products in New York and across the United States.

Neil S. Siskind has handled exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements for distributors of major international brands in the apparel and home-goods categories. Neil acts as counsel to a major distributor that distributes to America’s largest national retail chains. Neil helps devise strategies to limit risk, minimize exposure, and maximize ROI in distribution agreements and is a valued, trusted and experienced source of knowledge for clients.

Distribution agreements can be exclusive or non-exclusive. This will depend upon the proven distribution ability of a distributor, the existing distribution and revenues of the brand and products, and relative bargaining power of the companies.

If you are seeking to have other companies distribute your products or if you are contemplating distributing products, call Neil today to have an honest and thorough discussion of the options you are considering and to get advice on the different ways you can approach a distribution channel or distribution agreement.


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