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Siskind Intellectual Property Ventures and Refurbishment Venture Capital


Siskind Intellectual Property

Neil Siskind acquires Intellectual Property (IP) using IP investment vehicles for the purpose of enhancing and maximizing Property value by: (a) re-positioning IP in the market; or (b) using various merchandising and advertising strategies to re-engage abandoned or underused IP; or (c) developing and implementing comprehensive licensing programs to increase IP royalty revenues. Acquired IP may be in the form of a trademark, servicemark, copyright, or patent.

An Intellectual Property is then either sold to a third party or held by the IP’s respective investment vehicle for the beneficial royalty income.

Neil Siskind also creates and develops new Intellectual Properties in the forms of trademarks and copyrights, and builds new and proprietary brands around such IP. In addition, Neil Siskind consults to businesses and inventors on the development and distribution of their own proprietary products.

Product Refurbishment Venture Capital

We finance refurbishment projects where used machinery, vehicles, and equipment can be repaired, refurbished and resold for a profit. Up to $15,000.00 available per refurbish transaction.

Product Types We Will Finance (up to $15,000.00):
– RV’s
– Appliances
– ATV’s
– Classic Cars
– Motorcycles
– Business Machinery
– Commercial Vehicles

If you seek capital for a refurbishment project, you must meet the following criteria:
1. You must have provable and proven expertise with the product with the ability yourself, or with your own team, to complete the refurbishment job;
2. You will be required to put in at least 20% of the product’s purchase price yourself and pay all costs of the refurbishment/repair process.
3. You must have the space to store and repair the product with all applicable business and occupancy licenses;
4. You must be on the east coast;
5. Repair and refurbishment will be required to be done within an agreed time frame per contract.

We will review your investment submission, including doing background checks and independent market studies of product value.

We take title and ownership of the product and have an agreed profit split with you, the project contractor.

Contact us by email or phone today if you have a refurbish and resale project for which you need capital.



“I’ve noticed over the years, and after speaking to my associates, that the people who accuse others of only being after their money are almost always people who don’t have any to have been after.”

-Neil S. Siskind