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 Investment Property Ownership & Management


About Barony Real Estate Investments, LLC

If you need management for your real estate investments, call today to learn about management services. We are special because we can do it all in-house, including handling: lease negotiations and preparations; leasing agent services; investment partnership agreements; property repair coordination; rent collections and disbursements; monthly expense control and payments; budgeting; and corporate filings and corporate oversight.

We have experience with all property types, from nightly apartment rentals to office buildings, and with all related property and corporate issues.

Call 646.530.0006 to discuss your needs; or email We look forward to handling all of your real estate investment and management needs.



Our Company-Owned and Self-Managed Portfolio of Properties Includes:



Office Buildings


Single Family Homes


Condomimium Apartments


Recreation & Conservation Lands



Call 646.530.0006 to discuss your needs; or email We look forward to handling all of your real estate investment and management needs.








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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, My Fundraiser- Help Neil Siskind help children with cancer to be more comfortable: Comfort for Kids Donate to one of my needy public classrooms: NeilSiskindGiving


Neil Siskind is the Founder & Chairman of The Fatherhood Assignment
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Neil Siskind is the Conservator of the Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve

The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve is over 8 acres of environmentally-pristine waterfront land in a magnificent setting along New York’s majestic Hudson River. The Preserve includes a variety of species of animal and plant life, and is a precious example of the thoughtful maintenance of New York’s priceless open spaces. The land’s uses are limited to outdoor recreation such as hiking and climbing, and the study of ecology, nature and land use. The Neil S. Siskind Nature Preserve allows for the intelligent contemplation of our valuable natural resources and the most effective ways to maximize them and keep them protected.



Neil S. Siskind, MSKCC Partner For Excellence


Barony Real Estate Management, LLC:

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