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Neil Siskind is the Founder & Chairman of The Fatherhood Assignment
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NEIL SISKIND – Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Business disputes between and among parties are best settled between and among them. But, this is often not possible. We can assist you in finding a compromise, or, if one can not be found, we can file a lawsuit to prosecute your right to monies and/or property. Contact us to see how we can put 20 years of legal experience in your corner.

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The Siskind Law Firm
Neil S. Siskind, Esq., Owner
1385 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 646.530.0006
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Neil Siskind, Founder & Chairman, The Fatherhood Assignment:


“Relationships are the key to success in almost every type of business. Manufacturers need relationships with lenders and distributors; distributors need relationships with retailers; service providers need relationships to refer them quality clients; real estate owners need relationships with banks and contractors; restaurants make their money best when they have a variety of “regulars”; retailers analyze their customers’ habits so that they can tailor predictable interactions. In my experience, working with or for total strangers is risky, unfulfilling, and often unproductive. If you want to be in a business of any sort, create good relationships. This is far better a way in business than with marketing that attracts strangers. Strangers don’t care about you. Just read what customers write on Yelp about businesses they’ve patronized where no one really knows each other. There is no bond; no feeling of a duty of decency. Your relationships will help you to achieve, and to know whom to trust.”

-Neil S. Siskind