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The Children’s Services Watchdog™ – The Siskind Law Firm
The Public’s Child Abuse Database™


“It’s time for the public to take control of the safety of our children. Government is failing our kids.”
-Neil S. Siskind, Esq.


Children’s Services departments and agencies all over the country are failing our children.

All across the nation, children in the custody of their parents and of foster parents are being emotionally abused, physically abused, sexually abused, beaten, and killed.

Reports of abuse can no longer be left to the domain and oversight, if any, of city and local governments. The Siskind Law Firm has launched The Children’s Services Watchdog™. We are now the public’s record of reports of child abuse across America.*

Upon suspecting or witnessing abuse of a child, call the police and your city agency that handles these matters…AND THEN EMAIL US! This is a free nationwide database*.

Email Neil Siskind, Esq. at Please be sure to have a report number and name of the person(s) with whom you spoke at the responsible agency in your city, town or county.

We make a record of the report for the public and on behalf of the public. We keep track of reports of abuse made to local agencies so that we, the public, have our own record of these reports and of any and all actions taken- or not taken.

This can no longer be left to government. This is the job of all of us. This is a public obligation and responsibility. This is a partnership between and among the general public, the report provider, and The Siskind Law Firm.

These reports can no longer be internal and exclusive to government only. Too many kids are being harmed and killed.

Your complaint to us can be anonymous. No names are published or publicly shared. We will keep an internal file for the public. We follow up with the responsible agency to ensure that action has been taken….and that further actions….and necessary actions…. are taken. The Siskind Law Firm stays on top of the case until a child is considered safe and the issues of concern have been adequately addressed. We will make sure that the investigation is taking place and lives are being saved.

No more excuses by agencies that emails were not seen, or denials of calls received, or that there was confusion as to who in their office was supposed to handle something, or that children’s files fell through the cracks. No more excuses.

It is time for us- the public- to monitor the safety of our kids. The government is failing us and our children.

If you have called a public agency, please get a file number and the person or people to whom you have discussed any harm to a child. From now on…The Siskind Law Firm will be watching government agencies* and checking for a safe and complete resolution of cases of abuse or alleged abuse.

We will need your help. We will need you to keep us updated on any continued abuse following your filings and any government agency work that you witness following your reports, such as site visits and interviews of neighbors, teachers, friends and family. The public and The Siskind Law Firm must work together to save lives.

Email us with any and all filed complaints you have made anywhere in the nation. Emails to government agencies are not enough. Follow-up and monitoring of these agencies and their employees are necessary. Government agencies need to know that the public is aware of and watching every step of every case. It is not just a matter of proving that you reported abuse- it is about saving lives. It is about ensuring that action is taken before a child is harmed again- or killed. The public needs to step up and step in where government is failing our children and our communities repeatedly. Email The Siskind Law Firm with your report information and we will work with you, and with law enforcement, and with the applicable government agency to save lives.

Email Neil Siskind, Esq. at Please be sure to have a report number and name of the person(s) with whom you spoke at the responsible agency in your city, town or county.

How it Works:

-We assign a Public’s Child Abuse Database™ internal report #.
-We add a summary of the report to The Public’s Child Abuse Database™ (no names or addresses).
-We contact the responsible agency to alert it that we are overseeing their activities related to this report for report-back to the public
-We ask the report provider to follow up with the responsible government agency w/in 2 weeks of the initial report and to alert us of the agency response.
-We enter the agency response into The Public’s Child Abuse Database™.
-If the agency fails to respond, we note that in The Public’s Child Abuse Database™.

*If the case is in New York State:

-If there is no response, we are retained, at no charge, as your attorney to send a request for response from this office.
-We record the response in The Public’s Child Abuse Database™.
-If there is no response, we follow up with another request for response within 2 weeks.
-We continue this process every 2 weeks until a response is received.
-Following a detailed response of what is happening, we send a request for disposition within 3 weeks. A disposition can include a decision that no issue exists, an arrest was made, a monitoring process is in place, or a child has been removed from a home. We enter the disposition into The Public’s Child Abuse Database™
-If a monitoring plan has been put in place by the agency, we send a request for update every 3 weeks and enter any updates into The Public’s Child Abuse Database™.  We ask you, the initial abuse report provider, to keep us alerted of any further events that you witness including any contact you receive from the responsible government agency.

We expect that certain agencies will refuse to share information with us, in which case we will submit a final report to the database that the agency is failing to respond or has refused to provide data on the particular case. In other cases, we will make FOIL (freedom of information laws) requests to get final disposition data or assert your right to research the matter under applicable law. We will look at the totality of each report to make final determinations on a case by case basis, including consideration of the level of cooperation and feedback by a respective agency and the initial report provider.

Even if you did not previously register your report with us, but you feel that your concerns have not been addressed by a government agency after making a report to it at any time, contact us for help. We will try to help get answers using our process.

Email Neil Siskind, Esq. at Please be sure to have a report number and name of the person(s) with whom you spoke at the responsible agency in your city, town or county.

Unfortunately, these are only a couple of the thousands of cases across the country:

And it continues:

Email us today to save lives. The public must respond with action to protect our children.