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NEIL SISKIND – Business Contracts


Good business contracts are the cornerstones of good relationships. While contracts are, of course, legally binding, they often do not ensure that a party gets what was expected. The important value of a contract is that a good, clear contract memorializes what the parties “intended”- and this is very important because it let’s the parties know, between themselves, that they are indeed on the same page- the key to a good relationship.

Before you start doing a significant amount of business with a counter-party, call Neil Siskind, an experienced business attorney, so that you can ensure that the intentions of the parties are clear and that you have an agreement that clearly explains to the world how a business transaction is supposed to go. Having an experienced attorney review your contract can make the difference between a vague transaction, and a clear path to success. Many business owners proceed with agreements without an attorney review in order to save money and time. But the amount of failed transactions that Neil Siskind has reviewed convince him that a tight contract is worth the time and money spent so that when things go wrong, the law is on your side.

Neil Siskind has handled operating agreements, agency agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements, leases, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, sales contracts and a variety of other contracts and agreements over his nearly 20 year career as a business attorney. Call Neil Siskind today to get an honest review of your situation and opportunity. Neil’s comments may provide you with insight to your transaction which you have not even considered.


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